Property Management

SIGMA provides residential and multifamily property management services in Maryland, New York and Washington D.C..

SIGMA is committed to providing customers with the highest quality of service. At the forefront of the SIGMA formula is our personnel. SIGMA professionals are the best in the business. As a company, SIGMA melds industry expertise with the newest technologies; delivering bottom line results, open lines of communication, and superb asset maintenance and personnel supervision.

Condo/HOA Management

  • Owner / resident relationship management
  • Attend board meetings
  • Prepare meeting and manager reports
  • Collect association fees

Multifamily Rentals

  • Landlord / tenant relationship management
  • Advertising / Leasing / Renewing
  • Tenant screening
  • Collecting rents

Property Services

  • Screening vendors / contractors
  • Bill payment
  • Supervision of personnel
  • Obtaining insurance
  • Monthly / Quarterly / Annual Reporting
  • Planning and budgeting
  • Maintaining the interior and exterior of the premises
  • Supervision of disbursements
  • Construction management
  • Filing of permits / certificates
  • Performing physical inspections
  • Managing safety and environmental issues

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property management

Asset Management

Asset Management of residential assets is a SIGMA core competency. The specialists at SIGMA can manage real estate across the United States, but focus on the Northeast, capitalizing on their property management strength in the region.

Partnering with SIGMA will allow you to optimize your portfolio’s potential while addressing the risks and challenges of real estate ownership. SIGMA will work with you to assess risk thresholds, investment targets and capital availability with a focus on developing an investment plan for each asset under management. Further, SIGMA will endeavor from that point forward to meet, or better yet, exceed those benchmarks.

  • Recommend the sale, exchange, or repositioning of your real estate assets
  • Advise on capital improvements
  • Assess current debt structures and investigate opportunities for using credit to your advantage
  • Manage risk with a review of insurance options
  • Manage and supervise property managers, leasing agents and maintenance
  • Prepare cash flow estimates
  • Perform routine inspections
  • Monitor and manage capital and routine maintenance expense controls
  • Evaluate construction and service vendor contracts annually

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Real Estate Investment Fund

SIGMA Real Estate Services has created several investment vehicles for investors. SIGMA capitalizes on its industry expertise in residential real estate to create a strong platform for real estate investors.

SIGMA focuses on acquiring well-located properties that are already generating in-place income.  SIGMA then enhances value through the efforts of its in-house asset and property management professionals.

By investing in SIGMA Real Estate Investment Funds, investors get an investment that has:

  • Structured investment protocol
  • Protection from single property value fluctuations
  • A hassle-free real estate investment vehicle
  • In-house property management
  • Professional and experienced asset management

Paramount to the investment characteristics listed above, the true benefit investors receive by partnering with SIGMA Real Estate Services is its management team.  The management team offers decades of real estate knowledge, strong lender relationships, capital market familiarity and expertise in running successful multifamily portfolios across the country.

SIGMA Real Estate Services is proud to offer the SIGMA Real Estate investment Fund One, LLC, a real estate investment fund with the primary goal of securing residential investment assets.  The fund will target:

  • Initial Markets: Urban and suburban fill locations
  • Investment Class: Class A and B multifamily
  • Investment Type: Garden Style, Mid and High Rise residential
  • Investment Size: $1 million – $20 million
  • Investment Hold: Mid to long term hold
  • Minimum Cap Rate: 6%
  • Income Yield Target:  6-10%
  • Maximum Loan to Value:  70%



SIGMA Real Estate Services was founded by Constantin Anagnostopoulos in 2005 as a privately held real estate management company. In 2015 Mr. Anagnostopoulos decided to actively grow SIGMA by acquiring the Simmons Management Group. Simmons was a privately held residential manager serving the D.C. and Baltimore metropolitan areas since 1990. Simmons had a strong reputation for honesty and a dedication to quality and hard work. These ideals are what Mr. Anagnostopoulos values and uses daily at SIGMA.

SIGMA aims to be the best provider of real estate services for its customers, renters and owners. SIGMA does this by building and leveraging its talent, implementing technological platforms, exercising fiduciary responsibility, and doing what’s right to service the customer while preserving real estate value, and enhancing investment benchmarks.

Constantin A. Anagnostopoulos

Founder and President

Mr. Anagnostopoulos holds a BS in economics and a minor in architecture from Lehigh University, as well as an MBA in finance from Northeastern University. His professional career carries over a decade of institutional multifamily investment experience with the firms Boston Capital, First Sterling Financial and Sentinel Real Estate Corporation. He has been responsible for residential portfolios ranging from 2,000 to 20,000 units, and has overseen over $500 million in multifamily acquisitions and dispositions.

In his past assignments, Mr. Anagnostopoulos had been instrumental in implementing technology initiatives, molding policy and procedure alterations and enhancing operational platforms. Capitalizing on that experience, Mr. Anagnostopoulos has molded a company from the ground up with SIGMA Real Estate Services, creating a lean and advanced real estate investment advisor, specifically designed to successfully operate multifamily and residential investments.

Being a strong proponent of giving back to his profession, Mr. Anagnostopoulos has lectured at New York University and Baruch College-CUNY, teaching future real estate leaders of America the principles of asset management, real estate finance and operating fundamentals. In addition Mr. Anagnostopoulos participates in conferences and industry events throughout the United States.

Anita Michaels

Audrey Monroe
Assistant Vice President

Marina Talavera
Property Manager

Alice Royster
Property Manager

Andres Mejia
Property Manager

Brittany Johnson
Business Development

If you’re looking for an opportunity to be part of a management and investment firm that prides itself on openness, teamwork and respect, the SIGMA family of companies is perfect for you.

SIGMA offers a comprehensive package of benefits, including; Medical, Life, 401(k) matching and more.

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